Thursday, October 24, 2013

Harry's Green Thumb Part II

By now you've noticed that the weather is making a turn for the worse.  These past few weekends we've enjoyed the best days ever...highs of 70s and sunny days.  If you remember back in May Harry helped me create a roof deck garden.  This October, he helped me rip it all out and replant for a winter garden.

Some pretty fascinating stuff happened while we were up there.  We found all the evil squirrels' hiding places for the tomatoes they steal from me.  Exhibit A (this pot was on top of a high shelf...sneaky squirrels):

And we also noticed some plants growing that we hadn't planted.  Exhibit B:

When squirrels were eating our ripened tomatoes I chucked the bits they leftover into a pot full of dirt hoping they'd compost or something.  Turns out that they turned into tomato plants.  We assumed it was a weed and after inspection saw that it was growing through a tomato that was tossed.  Seriously...we were fascinated.

We picked everything that had grown and we ripped out the plants we knew wouldn't be able to produce fully grown fruit before it got too cold.  Then we fed the dirt, raked it around, and planted our fall/winter garden of radishes, beets, carrots, and garlic.  

We also planted tulips that I brought over from Amsterdam on my Eurotrip.  The squirrels have taken a few hostage.  It's fun to keep up the habits instead of waiting around until May and we've never tried growing root vegetables, so it'll be cool to see how things turn out!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Rescue Run 2013

One of the first things Harry and I did together upon returning from vacation (besides snuggling) was participate in the first annual Rescue Run benefiting the Monster Milers, a charity organization dedicated to volunteering at animal shelters across Philadelphia.  

Harry was ecstatic about going to the race.  He briefly saw me off at the Philadelphia Marathon in the morning, but this time he was able to see me start, finish, and celebrate post race.  Unfortunately Harry couldn't run the race with me, and I'm ok with that.  When Harry runs with a group, aka one other person besides me, it takes him at least 10 minutes of spastic shouty (I'm the one who's shouty) running to realize that he can't jump all over the person joining our run.  And it's not really any fun for our third party either...getting jumped on that is, running is hard enough on its own.

The Rescue Run was an out and back style 5k where everyone started together and ended whenever.  It was pretty casual but also timed for the serious runners.  The race maxed out at 500 runners - a sell out for year one, yahoo!  Since dogs weren't allowed to run on the course, they spectated, making it a very exciting day for Harry as he thrust himself forward to greet any and all fur-beasts in sight.  

As far as human spectators go, there weren't many.  Since the race was in the Navy Yard, most spectators were cheering racers on at the start/finish line rather than outside of their houses like they do for bigger races in the city.  One sign stood out that read along the lines of "Run faster!  There are puppies waiting for you at the finish!".  If only every race could give me this kind of motivation.  

The 5k was harder than I planned on, likely due to me not running a single mile over the two weeks I was in Europe.  But I think for me I got a respectable time that I will not share with the blogosphere because I prefer not to be judged.  We wrapped up the race by attempting to take a picture in front of the sweet logo wall.  Unfortunately all we really did there was embarrass ourselves in front of the well behaved pooches.  Perhaps next year Harry will be a bit more mellow.

Races benefiting dogs are amazing and this one in particular sponsors an awesome group of volunteers that I actually used to be a part of a couple years ago.  It's where I got my Harry-fix pre-Harry.  Consider joining or adopting from one of the many shelters in Philadelphia they volunteer in:  PAWS Wellness Clinic, PAWS Adoption Center, and Street Tails Animal Rescue!