Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ok, ok so he's kind of a Baldwin

It took a couple of weeks, but Harry is officially pimped out in his new collar and nametag.  Special thanks to Katie's K9 Kollars who hand-made Harry's collar in this Cher plaid throwback.  Katie even adds bow-ties and flowers to her collars at an extra price.  I think Harry would look extra spiffy for special occasions with a matching bow-tie.

I am also thankful to The Mad Stampers for making Harry's new bling.  I was able to work with Cindy to design Harry's tag just the way I wanted it.  Cindy said they loved my ideas and were going to feature it as an example for future customers to buy.  Harry!  We're designers!  
Harry loves his new handmade duds.  With his basic wardrobe complete, he's ready to conquer the neighborhood!

Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm My Own Grandma

I'm one of those 26 year olds living out my 80s.  I talk shop with my Mom-mom and find myself spending a ridiculous amount of time obsessing over my latest project, which at this time is needlepoint.  It's gotten to the point where I'm stitching on the subway.  I'm keeping my hoop hidden behind my work computer so that while simultaneously checking email I'm getting one more french knot in there.  I'm lying.  I actually suck at doing french knots and could never attempt to check an email while doing so.  But I digress.  My poor doggy daddy has a Grandma for a girlfriend and it doesn't help that I'm using Harry for inspiration.
I'm really into vintage patterns.  I prefer their simplicity and character over the traditional needlepoint patterns I've seen.  I'm also really into FREE patterns and when I discovered these Scottie days of the week here, I immediately thought of Harry.

Harry isn't a Scottish Terrier, but I thought the guy in the tub had the essence of Harry with his old man beard and perky ears.  To capture even more of Harry I decided to make the dog brown...problem solved.  The project took no more than a few days and probably 4 hours of dutiful stitching.  I also changed the "Saturday" to "Bath Time" with a free font pattern I found here

Harry is pretty proud of the results.

The project is a nice personal touch to our home.  I want to do the "Sunday" pattern next, since I don't really anticipate Harry ironing or washing the dishes...although he is making progress in obedience school.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Island of Misfit Toys

Harry has changed into a whole new dog.  At first he was shy, tentative, and didn't really venture off his woobie (aka old towel).  Mostly it's because his paws weren't used to hardwood floors, but part of it was the shock of being in a totally new environment with a new Mommy and Daddy. 

Harry did a total 180 when I introduced him to two friends from a shop on EtsySewStrangeCreations.  The shop owner, Kerry, sent me Jacques the French Baguette and Herman the Hammerhead Monster.
I love the expressions on their faces...and I love referencing them by name.  "Harry!  Where's Jacques?".  It almost makes me wish I named him Maurice so I could say, "Maurice!  The baguette!  Hurry up!", Beauty & the Beast anyone?
Harry fell in love which quickly turned to rage and now Jacques is suffering an eye injury and Herman has lost a tooth.  Good thing Mommy learned how to sew.  

We've since reserved his friends for nuzzly nappy times. 

Does your pet have a favorite toy?  Have you discovered any ridiculously fun creatures for your pup?  I can't wait to bring home some more "out there" toys for Harry to destroy play with.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


That's me up there and my new baby, Harry.  It's about 4am and we're in front a Hess station near Dorney Park in Allentown, PA.  Harry (formerly known as Luther) came from a no kill shelter in North Carolina that was nice enough to make a pit stop for us on their way to Connecticut.   He's supposedly part Miniature Schnauzer and Wire Fox Terrier and only 12 pounds at 4 months old.  I found out from this puppy growth calculator that he'd be about 35 pounds once fully grown.

After his long journey, all Harry wanted to do was sleep...and we did too.  So Harry and I snuggled on the couch.  I was amazed at how affectionate he already was.  I melted.

Once nap time ceased, we introduced Harry to Mr. Orange - his new baby.

We are so happy to have Harry in our family.  And I decided that I'd blog about my experiences with him as an opportunity to write, take pictures, and hopefully provide valuable advice or ideas to other people like myself.  If anybody is reading that is (thanks boo)! 

Harry has a brother that was left at the shelter and still needs to be adopted.  If you're interested, check out his link at petfinder here!