Monday, December 17, 2012

DIY Tutorial: Holiday Stocking

This is not so much a DIY Tutorial as it is a look what I just made for my dog post.  Work and party planning have thrown me off the blogosphere, and even in my party recovery I couldn't get my butt off the couch to be even slightly productive.  Harry of course served as the perfect hangover buddy and for eight hours or so watched TV with me as I sat up suddenly every 30 minutes or so with all intentions of projectiling the contents of the night prior all over the floor, then re-evaluated and settled back in.  Sunday was another story. 

In a harried (AH!  Play on words, yuck it up) effort to complete my Christmas shopping I remembered that not only does Harry not really understand what Christmas is, he doesn't have a stocking for Santa to fill on Christmas Eve!  This dawned on me as I passed by a section of stockings in the bustling, loud, and frightening South Philly Walmart.  For 98 cents and a 20 minute wait in line, Harry had a new stocking ready to be hung.  The only problem was that Santa wouldn't know whose presents to fill it with. 

I intended to solve this problem by artfully sewing Harry's name onto his stocking, in the motherly fashion that my mother did for me.  In the essence of time, I defaulted to puffy paint.  In simple terms...


In only seven short days, Harry's stocking will be bursting with all kinds of goodies.  His stocking hangs right over his bed and I'm obviously waiting for the perfect moment to capture him laying down looking up at his stocking in a Christmas sweater hoping for Santa to come give him bones...but in the meantime I got this one:
Along with teaching Harry how to be good so Santa will give him presents, this week I'm hoping to provide some great gift ideas, and a cookie recipe or two, so stay tuned to keep up with Harry and the holidays!

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