Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Harry!

Today, on February 18th, Harry turns one year old.  Now, we're not 100% sure when Harry's actual birth date is, but given that he arrived at his shelter on May 18th and was an estimated 3 months old then, we figured that his birthday was three months prior on February 18th.  This means that Harry is an Aquarius....which is actually quite shocking considering he hates water. 

We had Harry's birthday party on the 17th at his favorite place, the Schuylkill Banks dog park.  Harry didn't care that it was 26 degrees out, and proudly let Mom (me) put on his birthday flair.
Following a birthday photo shoot and several birthday kisses, we headed to the park.  Harry has never squealed so much on a car ride - not out of nervousness, but out of excitement.  Within seconds of coming within inches of another fur-beast, Harry's "Birthday Boy" pin was long gone, but Harry didn't mind.  He set about his manic sprinting calling attention to the fact that this was his party, and he came to rock it.

The party was packed, averaging about 20 pooches.  Dogs big and small wished Harry a happy birthday and engaged him in some sprints, wrestling, and games of tag.

Things got a little PG-13 and out of Harry's age range when a few of the older dogs started humping each other.  Harry attempted some air humping but luckily his Dad and I pulled him out of the crowd before he embarrassed himself. 
Like most dog parties, Harry's birthday party had to come to an end.  After over an hour of running, panting, and air humping, Harry was ready to say goodbye to all of his friends.  With all of the 'happy birthdays' he received from friends and strangers, Harry certainly felt acknowledged and loved.  Cake is being done tonight - we'll have a recap and recipe later - so you'll have to stay tuned for Harry to blow out his candle! 

Although we haven't had Harry for a full year yet, it still meant a lot to celebrate his first year of life.  Having Harry for as long as we have - about 8-9 months - has changed our lives.  I never feel lonely, somebody is always there to cheer me up, I have a running buddy 24/7, and I couldn't ask for a better snuggler.  Here's to another year Harry!

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