Monday, July 15, 2013

Dogs of Summer

The past couple of weeks have been full of summertime fun for us and for Harry.  We had a spectacular 4th of July (which also happens to be my birthday) and Harry's gift to me was being extra good with all my friends.  He posed for pictures and engaged in dancing, scratching, and eventually snoozing even during fireworks.  On the holiday weekend, we took Harry and a few dog friends to the Wissahickon for some dog hiking and swimming.  We were hoping that open water in its natural state on a sticky hot day would be an oasis for Harry.  Not so much; he still does not like water.  He does however, like car rides and I think he's made the connection that getting in the car = going someplace fun.

Dog friends are the best.  Harry hiked through the Wissahickon Valley with four friends - Hope, Dexter, Duncan, and Pearl and had to lead the way, even though he had no idea where he was going (and neither did we; we left that up to our mountain man trail friend).  For a hot and humid day, the Wissahickon was a great place to get in a long walk in the shade.  Regardless, tongues were flailing and by the time we hit the river all of Harry's friends were running into it.  
Did you know teacup Yorkies can swim?  Little Duncan was a trooper on the hike, and made Harry look like a huge wimp when he hopped into the water and swam circles around us.  The boo enforced a dip for Harry by carrying him out against his will.  It took one dunk for Harry to scurry out of there and proceed to sprint around and around the trees and trails like a maniac.  Harry was disgusting afterwards.  Dirty and crunchy and slobbery.
I really wish Harry liked the water, because swimming dogs are so fun.  Being an adult in a swimming pool is kind of boring...except when there's a swimming dog around, or a child I suppose.  Harry did soak himself in a puddle of standing water next to the river so maybe there's a shot of him someday enjoying a swim.  I'm going to have to do some research on dog psychology and water.

Post Wissahickon, Harry joined my family and I for my joint birthday celebration with my sister.  It was a consecutive day of dog partying for Harry, as he frolicked in the grass with his fur-cousins Karma and Jager.  

He also spent some time touring my niece's backyard humble abode while Karma spent time at the dinner table discussing beverage options with the boo.  

I enjoyed a great birthday dinner courtesy of Mom & Dad and stole a moment to teach my niece about the magical Britney Spears and how her songs are so much better than Call Me Maybe - the only radio song my niece likes.  The fur-beasts enjoyed their time together just as much which was seriously entertaining for me and my phone..snapping pics every 10 seconds.

We discovered when we got home that Harry now knows his cousin Jager by name, and will look around if you ask him "where's Jager?" which is funny and cruel at the same time.  Spending time with friends and family is made even better when dogs enter the picture.  And after spending two days in a row with dog friends, Harry was so beat he couldn't even get on his bed properly before passing out.

With two more months of summer left, I feel like Harry might hibernate through winter!

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