Friday, September 6, 2013

Country Summer

Our summer certainly was a lot of fun with Harry, but the past two months we've been back and forth with the vet to treat Harry's constant itching.  We think it may be due to scabies but it's difficult to test because the bugs scatter when it's time to do a skin sample.  With a treatment of Revolution and lots of baths and now steroids and antibiotics, Harry is on his way to healthy.  Since it's no fun being a sick puppy I thought I'd reminisce on Harry's trip to the countryside earlier this summer.

Every year there's a family reunion up north in New Jersey - bordering alongside New York state.  It's definitely no Staten Island; more like a middle of nowhere.  Harry adores the vast acres of cushy grass and clean smells.  Literally for the last 20 miles of travel Harry's head was out the window sniffing.  As it was a family reunion, Harry reunited with his cousin Jager who spent most of his time in the pond.

Harry even met new cousins he didn't even know he had.  He spent lots of time chewing on sticks, ruining bocce ball games, and frolicking with his new cousin friends.  

As you can imagine, Harry was exhausted afterwards.  He doesn't really stop playing - go hard or go home must be his life motto.  It made for a quiet ride home.  Harry's cousin Jager on the other hand, went home stinky and wet from pond water.  In these instances I appreciate not having a water dog, although Jager was extremely entertaining.

Family reunions are yet another event that is made a hundred times better with a dog.  Those awkward moments of nothing to talk about with a family member you haven't seen in three years?  Banished by the charm of your fuzzy slobbering beast.  Now get on petfinder and adopt yourself a distraction dog.

Here's to the end of a hot hot summer, and to a calmer cooler fall!

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