Friday, November 22, 2013

Dogs in Weddings

A funny thing happened while we were in Europe.  Something life changing, momentous, thoughtful, and what I consistently refer to as being so weird.

Harry proposed!  

No just kidding.  His Dad did.  However my niece has proposed to Harry and we are considering a dual wedding even though their relationship is incestual.  

But in all seriousness, now that I'm in this stage of engaged, I have to direct a lot of free time towards this activity called planning.  A lot of the wedding websites recommend coming up with an overall theme to help you make decisions and weave every aspect of the day together.  In my opinion, what would be a better theme than Harry?

I'll probably be teased for being obsessed, but I think that including our fur baby in our "special day" could be done tastefully.  I found this website that gave the when to include and when not to include your dog on your day:

We've already inquired about Harry being allowed on premises at a few of the venues we've visited.  Worst case scenario, Harry can't make a physical appearance.  And in that case you know he'll be featured in just about everything...

Plus, you can't deny he looks good in a tux.

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