Monday, December 23, 2013

Do with your Dog: Paw Print Ornament

We have been pretty busy prepping for Christmas and dealing with yet another allergic reaction from Harry.  It turns out he is severely allergic to Blue Buffalo dog food and has rubbed off most of the fur on his neck as a result.  Cone dog for Christmas!  Before Harry's body revolted, we had a chance to make some Christmas memories by making a paw print ornament for our tree.  I purchased a kit at the end of the season last year at Bed Bath & Beyond for $2!
Someone is in my bed, Mom!
The kit came with mold-able dough, a mini rolling pin, ribbon, a straw to poke a hole with, and a circular cookie cutter.  To start, knead the dough a for about a minute, and then roll it flat onto a hard flat surface covered with foil.  I used a hardcover book.

When you've got it at an even thickness, clean your dog's paw and attempt to press a print into the dough.  If at first you don't succeed, try and try again.  It took us about three tries and lots of treats.

Once you've got a good paw print, center the cookie cutter around it and press down.  Remove any excess from the sides.  

I took this time to write in Harry's name and the year with a toothpick.  Then you can take the straw and poke a hole for your ribbon to go through.

Remove the cookie cutter, and let it air dry for a day.  Then peel it off the foil and let that part air dry for a day as well.  It might take up to three days for the ornament to dry completely.  Once it's dry you can thread ribbon through and hang it on the tree!

This is our only ornament that Harry made himself, but we were gifted a bunch last year that Harry helped hang on the tree.  He loves Christmastime!

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