Thursday, January 30, 2014

DIY Tutorial: T-Shirt Rope Toy

In my recent quest to reorganize everything surrounding me, I've purged a decent amount of clothes.  Finally, I let go of my pre-2007 sorority t-shirts and race tees from 2009.  But then a Pinterest tutorial of making a basket entirely of T-shirts caught my eye and I held onto all the T-shirts I was about to trash...and I made this:

It also doubles as a hat in a very Erykah Badu fashion.  Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for Harry, I didn't need all of the T-shirts I thought I would for said tribal water carrying basket.  And as I was braiding together t-shirt strips I thought that it might make a cheap (aka free) and functional toy for Harry to play with.  And so, the tutorial for making a rope toy out of old t-shirts was born. 

1 T-shirt, but for a multi-colored toy you'll need as many t-shirts as you want colors
Rubber bands (maximum 7)

To start, use sharp scissors to cut your t-shirt into 2 inch wide strips.  For one rope toy you'll need nine strips.  You might be left with a T-Shirt loop depending on where you cut your strips.  If so, turn that loop into one long strip.

Take three strips and secure them together.  Either knot them (but not too tightly-you'll untie it later) or rubber band them together.  

Then, begin braiding one of three braids.  Braid until you can't braid any longer and secure the end with knot or rubber band.  Repeat these steps with the remaining six strips, creating three braids in total.  This project is "no-sew" but I did use the thread holder on my sewing machine to hold down my T-shirts so I could braid them.

When you've finished creating your braids secure all three together with a rubber band.  Then create one thick braid comprised of three individual braids.

Once you reach the end, grasp the end and tie a knot.  Make sure it's extra tight because this is sure to be the area your pooch will gnaw on.  Repeat this step on the top end that was rubber banded together.

Trim any extra long pieces hanging out of your end knots and present to your pet.  Then prepare to receive kisses and love for being super thoughtful and crafty!

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