Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Harry Bought a House!

It took him two and a half years.  Harry saved up all his dog money for a down payment on a house with a backyard because the roof deck wasn't cutting it.  Dog money you ask?  Oh yes.  Unbeknownst to the human community, dog money is exchanged between dogs for services, favors, or bets.  Harry's primary source of income is his gambling winnings from racing in the dog park (second is the income from his sexual favors, also given in the dog park--helloooo why do you think dogs hump each other all the time?  Dog money).
Wide stance back legs....awkward
Harry is still a bit shaky walking around his new place, probably because he's realizing how broke he is.  At first his legs were wobbly, then they progressed to just being wide apart as though he needed the extra stability.  More recently he's grown accustomed to the floors and has found a lounging spot where the sunlight hits the living room carpet.  His observation deck is located on the landing between the first and second floor.

Very serious touring pics...wanted to make sure nothing went unsniffed.
Obviously the big ticket item in the house Harry bought is the expansive (for Philly) backyard.  He was cautious at first, but then he couldn't believe it was all his.  He ran a few circles and promptly pooped in it.  Of course there's footage.  Obviously I wasn't expecting him to immediately poop in his brand new yard, but it turned out to be a very special memory.

Harry's new house is still pretty empty and it took a while for us to move all his stuff.  Almost immediately after moving, we went on vacation to San Francisco and Harry spent the week with his cousin Pickle.  While the frequency of blogging died in July, the subject matter should get more fun as we have a ton of upcoming projects - Harry related and not.  Thanks for sticking with us while we were away!

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