Thursday, September 20, 2012

Harry's First Pawdicure

Hardwood floors are a precious commodity to my boo.  He meticulously cleans them each weekend, comments on the dust collection throughout each week, and scrutinizes Harry's nails to make sure they're not damaging his sacred boards.  Therefore, it was imperative that Harry's nails got a frequent trimming.  I have never trimmed nails before and we took to YouTube to find out the best way to go about it.  After purchasing a nail clipper and styptic powder (which can stop the bleeding if you hit the quick of the nail), we coddled and treated Harry until he let us trim his nails.

Well, it didn't go so well.  I nipped the quick on his back right paw and it bled EVERYWHERE.  Luckily the styptic powder was close by and the bleeding didn't last for long.  That was the last time I was going to cut Harry's least the last time for a while.  I was more upset than Harry was over the damage; Harry yelped once and I bawled for about an hour.  We decided to take Harry to a professional for his nails, and thought he could use some primping after returning from his beach vacation. 

Harry took a trip to Bow Wow & Meows Grooming Spa for a bath, nail trim, and tooth brushing.  He was a little wary of the situation since we don't normally drop him off at new places.  Harry was welcomed with open arms and trotted off to the back once he realized how nice everyone was.   

We had an 11am Saturday appointment, and even though they had several animals being groomed, Harry was in and out in about an hour.  He came home smelling fresh with clipped nails and nice breath.  The best part of our experience was Harry's celeb status post bath on the spa's facebook page.  When we picked him up, he was playing cubicle in the office.  We'll be returning with Harry for nail clippings; it's so nice we have such a great groomer so close to home!


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