Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm My Own Grandma Part II

On another one of those weekdays that I needed to de-stress yet feel accomplished at the same time, I decided to create another Harry-esque craft in the same style as my previous masterpiece featured here.  I found the pattern here, and used a 6-inch hoop to complete the piece.  I actually didn't stitch within the hoop this time, instead I mounted it in the hoop after I was finished.  
Now this doggie day of the week is for Sunday, the day of "self reflection" according to the vintage pattern description.  I'm sure Harry does plently of self reflection while we're working all day, but when Harry looks into his reflection of the windows of the shops on Fairmount, I'm pretty sure he's not thinking "what is life?".  He's wondering who that handsome stud is looking back at him.

As you can see, I substituted Sunday for the choice of Harry's true thoughts.  Or at least what I think of him.  When I first started the pattern, I didn't realize that the little doo-dad to the right of Harry was the handle to the mirror.  I thought it was a leash and subsquently stitched it in blue.  Then realization hit and I had to pluck the stitches out and redo it.  In hindsight, I probably could have been more meticulous but I was in a frenzy to complete my project. 

I found a really great "finishing" tutorial here but opted to use felt and pretty fabric like I had finished the last one.  The results of the tutorial really make the piece look nice and neat afterwards. 

I'm pretty sure Harry appreciates his Mom's efforts.  Or he's wondering why I act like a 78 year old woman most of the time.  Regardless, this was a fun way to keep my hands busy that ended up looking cute in my house.  I love those free vintage patterns!

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