Monday, March 11, 2013

Doggy Deals: Pet Purchases

For a few weeks Harry and I have lusted after's toy selection.  Always the bargain hunters, we found some of the same items for cheaper on Amazon.  These toys made for great belated birthday gifts and like the best toys, they're both educational and fun.  Did I use educational in dog toy reference?  I did.

Dinosaurs roamed the Earth a long time before Harry got here.  So in order to teach Harry about the Earth's trials and tribulations, Nylabone stepped in with a T-rex dental chew.  Harry quickly named him Tony and I find them embracing on the carpet at nighttime, likely exchanging stories of extinction and commiserating over the lack of forearm functionality. 
For $6.02 and free shipping eligibility, this archaic chew toy teaches Harry that dinosaurs are tough, but they can be destroyed over time.  Plus, I was excited to get a Nylabone in a different shape than boring old bone - which ends up being shaped into a shank by Harry's methodical chewing.

Although Harry is pretty excited over all of his new toys, his IQ Treat Ball is likely his most absorbing possession.  Featuring a screw off top and an adjustable panel, the IQ Treat Ball will dispense treats if it's bobbled about strategically.  Harry didn't care for it at first, but when I showed him there was food in it, and kicked it around until some treats fell out, he became obsessed.
Now he can be heard noisily batting the plastic ball across the hardwood floors until it gets stuck under the couch.  My favorite part about it is that you can adjust the 'skill level' depending on how smart your dog is, or maybe for how long you're going to leave him playing with the toy.  The panel can open up to a wider opening so that treats flow out more freely, or you can shrink it so more work is required to get a treat.  After seeing Harry play with it, I feel like I should have gotten him a bigger size.  He actually can fit his mouth around the ball and will carry it around and slam it to attempt to get more food out.  Since getting this toy, it's been our vessel for feeding Harry breakfast while we're at work.
Our final birthday indulgence, was probably the most ridiculous.  It's called "Hide a Squirrel" and it's 40% off at Amazon.  This is something that I can't let Harry play with by himself unless we want dead unstuffed squirrels laying around the house.  But when we do play together, Harry is mystified. 

The game starts by introducing Harry to his three squirrel friends...or enemies (I'm not really sure how he feels about them).  They each have a squeaker inside, so obviously they each say hello to Harry before jumping into their tree trunk - a stuffed trunk with holes on the sides and top.  The squirrels squeak while they get in their trunk and once inside, the trunk is handed over to Harry who has to pull each squirrel out.

We played several times in a row and it didn't get old.  Harry got faster and faster getting the squirrels out and sat like the perfect gentleman while I told the squirrel story and set him up for trunk navigation.  The product offers up "problem solving skills" as a benefit, but I think they should also add patience and squirrel education, since Harry learns all about their native habitat when he shoves his face into their home.

Harry is definitely satisfied with his new toys and I think the variety has created more opportunities for interactive play rather than just chewing.  All three of these toys were purchased for a total of $26 on Amazon, which also qualified me for free super saver shipping.  It's a doggy deal!

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