Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fido Flick: K-9

On a lazy Saturday I found myself enveloped in the 1989 classic, K-9.  Starring Jim Belushi and a manly German Shepherd named "Jerry Lee", the film follows the typical cop movie.  It's almost like Lethal Weapon except Mel Gibson is Jerry Lee.  Belushi and Jerry Lee are partners, as Belushi was assigned a K-9 unit.  The two pursue a drug case, which I am pretty sure is based on marijuana (lame) and criminally master-minded by rich old white dudes (unrealistic). 

Belushi is downright rude to Jerry Lee.  Acting as though the addition of this dog is just the end of his life.  Sure Jerry Lee messes up a few choice pieces of his classic car, but the jealousy factor created by Jerry Lee being fawned over by Belushi's girlfriend was a little over the top. 

It was entertaining to hear the comical dog groaning -which is pretty much how Jerry Lee communicates in the movie - and seeing Harry respond with head cocking side to side.  The groaning was dubbed in, obviously.  I don't think the director could've captured any timely real groans in the frequency that they occurred.  Plus, Jerry Lee very much resembles my fur-nephew, Jager.

The preceding fact probably explains that (as in all cop/dog movies) when Jerry Lee was shot (spoiler alert) I completely broke down within 5 seconds.  Even though I knew the end of the movie, I absolutely hate it when the dog gets hurt.  Here's a picture of me and Harry during my emotional breakdown after the dog dying in the hit ABC series Revenge (Harry's comforting) just to prove how raggedly emotional I get:

Which is worse?  That I get this upset, or that I document it and send it to the boo when he's not home?
Without completely giving away the ending, I came away from K-9 feeling pretty good.  Maybe I even laughed a few times.  However, as far as dog movies go, the 90s (Beethoven) and the 2000's (Marley & Me) did a better job.  K-9 is a classic, but it's cheese.  And although it's rumored to be a copycat of Tom Hanks' Hooch - it actually came out 3 months before.  Otherwise, Harry thoroughly enjoyed it, until he fell asleep.

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