Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hoppy Easter Harry!

Sunday started with a 10 mile training run pre-Easter brunch.  Harry had been showing signs of fatigue, so I ran with a human buddy.  When I came home, Harry was already dressed up in his Easter best ready to go to Mee-Mom and Pee-Pop's house.  The outfit (you can find similar here) was all the boo's idea, but of course I was completely giddy over it, and forced Harry to pose with my Fairmount Bunny Hop ears.

After 45 minutes in the car, we arrived and Harry spent the morning romping around his grandparents' backyard while we ate brunch.  The Easter Bunny had already hidden eggs that were yet to be found, mainly because the hunt hadn't started.  Harry didn't get the memo and proceeded to find plastic eggs and sprint around the yard with them in his mouth.  Had Harry been able to truly participate in the hunt I think he would've won.  Unfortunately we had to tell the kids there were minus 2 eggs to find, because Harry had eaten them.

Harry has been around for one Easter pre-adoption, but I'm not sure if they actually celebrate in dog shelters like they do in family homes.  The egg finding thrill was new to Harry and he was ecstatic over it, as you can see by his ridiculously long tongue and big smile.  It's the boo's family tradition (at least for the past 5 years) to receive a visit from the Easter Bunny himself.  Most of the kids were a little freaked out during their first Easter Bunny experience (he is pretty creepy) but not Harry.  I suppose he had some prep by meeting the Phillie Phanatic last week.  

As I watched Harry race around in the backyard in his blue pastel polo, I realized that the boo and I have officially turned into those crazy dog people.  We may have also turned his family into crazy dog people too, or at least Harry has.  We don't have a child to cart around to family events, we bring our dog.  And we fuss over him as much as a parent over a teething baby.  The boo's family embraces our obsession and even goes as far as including him in family pictures, which I find extremely amusing.  It seems everyone smiles just a bit bigger when a full grown dog in a preppy polo shirt is being held up in the family photo.

Harry thoroughly enjoyed his Easter, and then enjoyed it some more at my sister's home where he got to visit with his fur-cousin, Jager.  Despite Harry's fear of cars, he loves spending time with his extended family and was completely exhausted when we got home.

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