Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pimp Pup Pillow DIY

Since Harry enjoys his bed so much, I decided that he might appreciate something fluffy under his rear when he stays in his crate while his Mom & Dad are at work.  The crate can be a hard place, and Harry simply loves snuggling.  So I set myself on making a flat crate cushion for Harry to lounge on all day.

I bought a yard of fleece on Etsy for $4 (made me holla) in this pimpin tiger print and I used my leftover polyfill from making Harry's bed to stuff it.  In hindsight, I could have bought interfacing and just sewn the whole thing together, but I figured I'd just use the items I had on hand.

My first step was measuring the width and length of the crate.  I didn't want it to take up the entire space, so I cut the fabric in a square.  I added an inch on each side for seam allowance, and an inch on each side to allow for "puff room" - you'll notice when you stuff your pillow will become shorter in width/length.  Going back I'd definitely add another inch to my sides since his pillow puffed up a decent amount.

After cutting my fabric, I put the right sides in and sewed straight along 3 1/2 sides, leaving me some room to stuff.  Then I turned it right side out and stuffed.  

Once stuffed, I sewed my stuff hole shut and then measured 3 inches in from all corners, pinning in each corner.  I wanted to create a tufted effect for pimp style, which would have been much easier by using interfacing.  Since I stuffed with poly-fil, I jammed my pillow under my sewing machine and forced it through, sewing from pin to pin whilst pulling them out as I passed.  It's not perfect, but it did the trick.

Harry's pimp pillow looks so good in his crate, especially in his room where my fancy vintage chair is sitting (that chair makes everything look good).  

The pillow lasted all of a day and half...when Harry spent about two hours in his crate completely shredding one of the corners.  Right now I'm trying to figure out how to fix it, or if it's worth it.  Thankfully the materials were cheap!

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