Thursday, June 6, 2013

Doggy Dining: Bacchus Market & Catering

Nothing beats an iced coffee on an early Sunday in a hot dog park.  Harry, the boo, and I made a discovery this past weekend that we will likely be revisiting.  As per our usual routine, we visited the Schuylkill River Dog Run on Sunday morning hoping to completely poop the pup.  Harry's endurance has lightened as the weather has heated up, so he tires out in much less time than he did in the fall.  Or maybe his puppy energy is fading...noooooo!  
On base...obviously.
Cherry picker!

After thirty minutes of intense tag and resting on base, we wanted to take advantage of Harry's lethargy and the good weather.  So we walked up Spruce Street only a couple of blocks to Bacchus Market to grab some coffees and sit outside.

Bacchus is extremely close to the dog park and quite convenient.  The owners show their love of their furry neighbors with water bowls, complementary treats, and leash hookups so you can get your snacks without worry.
The leash hookups at Bacchus Market & Catering
The iced coffees were refreshing and peppy and the service was both human and dog friendly.  It's always a treat to see people fawn over my scruffy and badly behaved mutt.
The small shop also features baked goods like cupcakes, lemon bars, and cookies as well as bagels and muffins.  In another refrigerator they sell homemade salads filled with fresh vegetables and delicious combinations.  Our next trip will likely include some lemon bars, and some more of their chuggable iced coffee.

Harry's Sunday Funday wrapped up with a visit of Doggie Style where we browsed leashes (Harry's is disintegrating) and picked up a cookie for our little guy.  It only took a few hours of our day to show Harry an extremely good time, which makes for a good time for us too.

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