Tuesday, June 18, 2013

DIY: Doggy Muscle Tee

As the seasons have turned over, we've been cleaning out our closets.  In Harry's case, his closet has been getting fuller...because as his Dad throws things away, his Mom (me) turns them into Harry clothes.  Enter the beer belly tee that is perfect for a pooch:

The boo wasn't interested in this jokey t-shirt for teens, but Harry was intrigued by the attention his belly would receive if he convinced his audience that his belly was in fact lucky.  We started by measuring the belly in question.

Harry's lucky belly is a whopping 24 inches.  This was my guide as to how much I would cut the boo's t-shirt down to make it Harry size.  I wanted room for give and a seam allowance, so I trimmed 3 inches from each side to give me 27.5 inches overall.  
I think it fits...

Using fabric scissors, I cut three inches and removed the sleeves from the t-shirt.  I was left with the neckhole, creating almost a t-shirt dickie.  The next step would be sewing the bottom and sides.  The hem of the shirt needed to be trimmed as well, and I drew a line for where I thought it should stop - a hoinky line, so that Harry's hoink wouldn't touch the tee.  This is what it looked like before sewing:

The t-shirt dickie was turned inside out and pinned together.  I left openings for the arm holes, which I made about five inches wide and finished the edges before sewing both sides of the t-shirt together.  

I also folded the edges on the bottom of the shirt and sewed them straight through one side at a time.  The sides were sewn straight on my sewing machine.  No crafty sewing pics this time, sorry folks!
The project took about 20 minutes, and then it was fashion show time.  Harry walked the runway and posed for numerous pics.  In hindsight, I think I still need to make the arm holes wider, like a real muscle tee.

The tee fits like a glove, minus the tight arms.  Plus, Harry has tricked strangers into rubbing his mystical belly.  I can't wait to start going through the boo's t-shirts and Harry sizing them!  Hopefully he doesn't mind...

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