Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Harry Turns 2!

Although his level of maturity is still that of a 7 month old, on February 18th Harry turned two years old!  Being a Tuesday I felt like a bad mom for having to work all day on Harry's birthday.  The bad feeling magnified when Harry poked me in the eye with his nail first thing in the morning.  And then tripled in size when I threw my back out that afternoon.  Harry had to go without a special birthday walk, but his cooperation was rewarded when it was time to do presents and "cake".

You see, Harry knows exactly when his birthday is and what it entails.  He wagged like crazy in the morning (his favorite time of day) and by night he was snuggling soundly on the couch anxiously awaiting Dad's arrival.  When Daddy came home, birthday fun began!

Since Harry's been on allergy trials, I couldn't make him pup-cakes like I did last year.  Instead, I found the most luxurious food on his allergy testing list and saved it for birthday week.  What's more luxurious than chicken?  Than beef?  Than salmon?  Lamb.

And so lamb it was, but it couldn't be just any lamb.  For Harry's birthday it had to be special, and it had to have a candle in it.  Using about a pound of lamb, I divvied it up amongst a muffin tin, using about 1/4 cup of lamb per muffin well (side note, what do you call one muffin spot on the muffin tin?).  I pre-heated the oven to 350 degrees and baked them for about 30 minutes which was enough time to get the internal temperature to 160 degrees.

After letting them cool, I popped out one lamb-cake for Harry and made it birthday special with a candle.  His Dad and I sang to Harry in his birthday attire (which he loved) and Harry waited eagerly.

The lamb cakes were a hit, and Harry quickly swallowed a second before we began presents.  Thankfully, we killed two birds with one stone (allergy trial and birthday cake) without Harry being unsatisfied.

Harry received a bag of presents and a card from his Dad and I.  The card doubles as a bone and it was the first thing Harry completely destroyed, eating it within two hours.  In case you can't see, it says "World's Best Mutt" because that's what Harry is.

While Harry read and ate his card, I helped him open the rest of his gifts in enthusiastic fashion - ooohing and ahhhing over every item in the mysterious brown bag.  Harry sniffed each item with wide eyes.

We spoil him.  Harry was overwhelmed with his toys and quickly ate one of them (his tire) in one evening.  One of his favorites (aka my favorite) was his neon running vest which he begged to try on as soon as he got it (still me).  Now when we go running together at night time, Harry is a professional!

I'm professional!

For a weeknight Harry definitely had a special birthday with his family.  He spent the rest of the night in toy heaven, comfortably perched on his bed surrounded by his new acquisitions.  In human years, Harry is 14 - so it'll be on his third birthday that we really throw him a rager.  He grows up so fast!

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