Thursday, March 6, 2014

Snow Dog

It's been a hard winter, right?  Snowstorm after snowstorm is preventing Harry and I from getting in our much needed runs and all of us from getting along since we're stir crazy and grumpy.  The only cure for a grueling winter (besides an early summer) is watching your pooch go nuts in the snow.  

One of the best things about the dog park is that it's not plowed.  Which means when we go we get to watch all the dogs play in the snow together.  It's like a totally new dog park!  
Yippee I'm in a Winter Wonderland!!!
While we froze on the sidelines, Harry scrambled around and around the dog park encouraging his friends to chase him.  Since snow covered the entire surface of the dog park, there were no more boundaries.  Benches were definitely base as usual, but there wasn't a differentiation between turf and non-turf so mutts were everywhere.

With the new terrain pooches were slipping, sliding, and tumbling in the snow.  Yellow snow was made additionally yellow as other dogs noticed it, which made for easier navigation than usual for us humans.  

A couple weeks later when it snowed almost a foot in Philadelphia, Harry and I visited an open area so he could run around.  Harry likes deep snow a lot more than regular old snow, and had a great time romping in it.  So although the weather makes us grumpy, we might as well enjoy it while we have it, like Harry does!

Harry goes NUTS.

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