Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Island of Misfit Toys

Harry has changed into a whole new dog.  At first he was shy, tentative, and didn't really venture off his woobie (aka old towel).  Mostly it's because his paws weren't used to hardwood floors, but part of it was the shock of being in a totally new environment with a new Mommy and Daddy. 

Harry did a total 180 when I introduced him to two friends from a shop on EtsySewStrangeCreations.  The shop owner, Kerry, sent me Jacques the French Baguette and Herman the Hammerhead Monster.
I love the expressions on their faces...and I love referencing them by name.  "Harry!  Where's Jacques?".  It almost makes me wish I named him Maurice so I could say, "Maurice!  The baguette!  Hurry up!", Beauty & the Beast anyone?
Harry fell in love which quickly turned to rage and now Jacques is suffering an eye injury and Herman has lost a tooth.  Good thing Mommy learned how to sew.  

We've since reserved his friends for nuzzly nappy times. 

Does your pet have a favorite toy?  Have you discovered any ridiculously fun creatures for your pup?  I can't wait to bring home some more "out there" toys for Harry to destroy play with.

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