Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ok, ok so he's kind of a Baldwin

It took a couple of weeks, but Harry is officially pimped out in his new collar and nametag.  Special thanks to Katie's K9 Kollars who hand-made Harry's collar in this Cher plaid throwback.  Katie even adds bow-ties and flowers to her collars at an extra price.  I think Harry would look extra spiffy for special occasions with a matching bow-tie.

I am also thankful to The Mad Stampers for making Harry's new bling.  I was able to work with Cindy to design Harry's tag just the way I wanted it.  Cindy said they loved my ideas and were going to feature it as an example for future customers to buy.  Harry!  We're designers!  
Harry loves his new handmade duds.  With his basic wardrobe complete, he's ready to conquer the neighborhood!

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