Monday, July 2, 2012

Little Black Vest

After staring at needlepoint for hours upon end, I saw some similarities between its properties and Harry's harness.  Harry wears a little black mesh harness like this one.  The tiny black holes in the mesh are reminscent of the little holes found in my embroidery fabric.  Since I didn't have the option for embroidery when I bought it, I thought I'd take a shot at it myself.
 The hardest part about the project was finding a moment in time when I could spend a couple of hours that Harry wouldn't need to go outside - we only have one harness!  So around 10pm, I picked a color that matched his preppy collar and found a free font I liked here.
I used my regular needlepoint needle and used 3 strands from my embroidery thread so that it would stand out against the mesh.  It was difficult to go straight across since the mesh wasn't perfectly square, but when Harry wears his harness you can't tell that the letters aren't 100% flawless.

I love the results.  Now when Harry meets all his new neighbors he'll wonder how everyone knows his name!  Should we have named him Norm?

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