Thursday, August 9, 2012

Let's Take This Outside

It's been a long time coming, but I finally got the opportunity to take Harry to the dog park.  Schuylkill Banks dog park is a ways away but it seems that as Harry gets older his endurance grows.  We were able to walk to the dog park, play, and walk back in an evening.

We entered the large dog park first.  I assumed that the basset hound mix inside was just the right size to handle Harry's energy.  Dudley, the basset mix, started off friendly enough until he started racing, charging, and running Harry over.  Harry got his butt kicked so hard that he hopped up onto a bench to avoid Dudley.  Dudley parents were on their phones, so I moved Harry into a pen where dogs of his own size could pick on him...the small dogs park.
There's nothing wrong with having to play with dogs your own size so you don't get beat up at the dog park.  Harry met a bunch more friends with attentive and talkative parents.  A lot of the dogs were older (one was 16!) and had been around the park a few times.  Milo, a cairn terrier mix, knew exactly who had treats and who didn't, and positioned himself accordingly.  Harry got a treat from the treat man and played keep away with a new bestie. 
Can we stop and take a look at Harry's form above?  This guy HAS to be a runner deep down right?  I need a training partner for my marathon coming up and he doesn't exhibit this style of running on a normal basis.  I think trips to the dog park are necessary in order to capitalize on Harry's form.
The nice thing about this dog park are that there is plenty of space to run around, and then there's also places to be secluded.  Harry wore himself out running after his friends.  He took a time out to lay down and chew a stick for a while solo style.  The park also has water available for the dogs via a hose that originates in the large dog park, meaning you have to either go over there or ask someone to turn the water on in order for it to flow to the small dog park.  There are already tennis balls that lay in the dog park so you don't even have to worry about bringing your own toys. 

There aren't any patches of grass in the parks, just dusty dirt.  A bath was necessary for a rowdy pup like Harry post dog park.  You can't tell from pictures but his harness was caked in dirt after tussling with Dudley.  Harry had so much adrenaline from playing with the others that I think it was the only thing that got him home.

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