Monday, August 27, 2012

Peruvian Lambs - Cuzco

Our second day of vacation, the boo and I flew from Lima to Cuzco via Star Peru.  Just a tip for you travelers out there who might be considering mimicking our journey, book your inter-country flight with the airline.  The flight booking sites you can see in the US bump up the rates by as much as $250.  Boo and I paid a measly $70 for a round trip flight from Lima to Cuzco.  Anywho, we landed early morning Saturday but had to wait until 1pm to be checked into our hostel.  We ignored the rules for avoiding altitude sickness and headed straight into the ruins of the Sacred Valley.

Our journey began walking to find a mysterious bus station in Lima where we supposedly would pay 2.50 soles to get to Pisac, one of the hot spots for Inca ruins.  On our way, two little girls approached me with a baby lamb.  I have never been presented with a baby lamb to hold and immediately took them up on their offer, cuddling the lamb and trying to communicate with the girls about his name (Pepito) his age (2 months) and if he was their baby (no...but they are not as parental about their animals in Peru as I am).  

Pisac was about 40 minutes away on a crowded, hot bus that wound it's way up and around the mountains.  I felt sick going up and the boo felt sick going down.  After grabbing a taxi in the town of Pisac, we were able to go to the top of the ruins and climb around.  It would have been much better with a guide, but we had a good time exploring.  Check out the view!
The trip home caused some serious car sickness for the boo, combined with a bit of "soroche" or altitude sickness to us English speakers.  So we spent the night at the hostel, ready to spend a fur filled next day with LOTS of Peruvian fur babies.

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