Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pretty In-Tents Camping

After our long trip down river, we had another night of camping to do with Harry.  Our first night, he behaved until it was time for bed.  Boo and I did not get any sleep.  Harry was confused by the tent.  When we opened the tent windows to the screen, Harry didn't understand why he couldn't get out that way and would proceed to scratch the windows of the tent.  That was going to tear the tent down.  So we spent a solid 8 hours waking up and wrestling Harry off the tent walls.  Even a walk at 4am didn't tire Harry.  Our second night after that long rafting trip and no sleep the first night, Harry worked like a dog and slept like a log.

I´m a dog, are you a dog?
Camping consisted of dressing Harry up in his life vest, eating roasted marshmallows and smores, and singing obnoxiously loud to Disney songs.  Harry probably thought we were crazy but we think he enjoyed himself.  Our second night we turned in much earlier than our first, exhausted by the hours spent in a raft on the Delaware River.

Thankfully we weren´t faced with the issues of Harry´s car sickness on the drive home.  The trick is not feeding him...yea it´s not rocket science.  However, the drive to NY definitely made us paranoid and we constantly turned around to check on Harry.  This is what he did the entire time:

All in all, camping with our fur-child was more fun than camping without him.  We had a snuggle buddy on night two, a stoic Captain, and a mobile garbage dispenser (Harry found all the dropped marshmallows, hot dogs, and pretzel pieces).  If you know of any more pet-friendly campgrounds in the tri-state area send them my way!

Harry poses in front of the Delaware

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