Monday, August 6, 2012

Living in Sin

When I filled out applications to adopt a new puppy, I felt like I was adopting a child from another country.  The questions about my lifestyle, relationships, hobbies, professional life went from normal to borderline nutty.  During the week before we knew we had Harry (we got Harry! <--the boo and I re-enacted this entire scene when found out) I was preparing to take pictures of every room in my house to send to a foster mom and was making promises of virtual tours and future reunions.

One of the most trying things for me to explain to foster moms was that I was living with my boyfriend.    If we break up who will get the dog?  Then I'd explain that we'd been together for a significantly long time (agh ahem 10 years hack) and that we probably wouldn't be breaking up soon.  And then the judgement ensued.  Why aren't you married?  While I think it's important to ask good questions of future dog parents, the critical perceptions were unwarranted.
Harry judges our relationship status
The judgement inspired me to craft myself a granny chic sign that described my relationship situation in colorful embroidery.  I made up the pattern myself using an alphabet font from here and a standard Germanic border and zig zag that I did free hand.

After I got my laughs out of it, I made one for my sister.  I used sticky mounting cardboard and got an awesome frame on clearance from A.C. Moore.  I used an exacto knife to cut away some of the matting so that my Germanic border wasn't covered up.  I think it looks ironically lovely in my foyer.  Hate on me haters.

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