Thursday, July 12, 2012

DIY Tutorial: Custom Hand Painted Pet Bowl

I really wanted to get Harry one of those custom doggy bowls that I've seen on Etsy.  You can have your own bowl made for you, literally from scratch via the potter's wheel and their name carved in the front (like here).  There are also hand-painted bowls that use the same potter's method and the artist can paint your furry friend's name and maybe some designs to go along with it (like here).  However, after browsing for hours upon hours, I thought...I could do this myself.  And I did.

Dog Bowl (I got mine here), Acrylic Enamel Paint, Paint Brush, Palette (not necessary I just have one), Dry-Erase Marker, Water Cup (for rinsing brushes)

Not Pictured:  Q-Tips, Nail Polish Remover, Paper Towels

I started with a clean doggy bowl and used the internet for my inspiration.  I like to pretend Harry is a distinguished gentleman most of the time and I thought an argyle print would be pretty sophisticated.  I stared at this one on my computer while I attempted to free hand on the bowl with my dry erase marker and I used this free font for Harry's name. 

Using the dry erase marker allowed me to make mistakes and erase them with my thumb or paper towel.  I was able to see how my finished product might look and get my spacing right before I went to town with paint.  When I started to paint I erased my letter or my argyle diamond and recreated what I wanted in paint. 

The Q-tips and nail polish remover came in handy when I messed up.  My paint brush wasn't the slickest, and it drew extra lines with every stroke, so I had to constantly touch up my bowl.  I let the bowl dry over night before I did the overlapping argyle print the next day. 

The final step would be to bake your doggy bowl according to the paint instructions or let it dry for an extended period of time also according to the paint instructions.  You can continue to wash your bowl even though it's painted.

My finished product makes me happy!  I hope Harry eats out of a bowl this little for life.  If not at least I have the majority of leftover supplies to make another one.  The most challenging part of the project was Harry thinking I was feeding him.  He watched me throughout the process and barked at me several times for not giving him what he thought was his dinner.  At least I hope it was that and not that he hates argyle. 

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