Thursday, July 5, 2012

Doggy Dining: Alla Spina

Philadelphia is a city that respects dog lovers and features a variety of restaurants that cater to fur-babies.  Harry came with us to begin our series of reviews on dog-friendly dining.  A balmy afternoon turned into a cooler evening and we walked over to Alla Spina for a light dinner.  It was our first "family dinner".  

Harry started with ice cold water served in a spotless silver bowl while the boo and I tasted some of Alla Spina's imported Italian beers.  Then while we began on our appetizer of pig tails, Harry went straight into his main course of doggy bone treats.  Harry thoroughly enjoyed the attention from the waitstaff and the departing guests while we thoroughly enjoyed our schisola and North Philly cheesesteak.  

Brunch here is a must, and we intend to bring Harry back.  This was a great place to start our Doggy Dining as the foot traffic isn't so busy, therefore we weren't constantly preventing Harry from greeting all his new friends.  The sidewalk is nice and roomy so you have some space to let a little bit of the leash go.  I'd advise bringing a toy with you for dinner unless you want a begging pooch.  Since Harry cleaned out his kong pretty early on into our meal, we treated him with some of the pig fat that dripped off the tails appetizer by dabbing our fingers in it and wiping it on the kong.  Yea thank God there weren't a lot of al fresco diners that night! 

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