Monday, July 9, 2012

Guess I'll Go Get Worms

It's a time that most dogs dread...getting poked and prodded by a stranger on a cold table in a strange room that smells like OTHER dogs.  However, Harry's first trip to the vet couldn't have gone smoother.
Harry rides to the vet while Mom snaps some glamour shots
We took Harry to Center City Veterinary Hospital to see Dr. Cohen after reading 30 five star reviews on yelp.  Who would've thought that a vet got that much attention?  They lived up to the hype and Harry was happy to meet all his new doctor friends.  He spent a while playing with toys and eating cookies with Suzanne.  Suzanne showed us how to clip Harry's nails, a process accompanied by non-stop cookie feeding, and gave us a packet of all the good stuff you need to know about being a dog mom.  She even took a picture of Harry and it appears on all of our invoices from them.  Too cute.

New toys in Dr. Cohen's office
Dr. Cohen checked out Harry's teeth and got us a vaccination for Leptospirosis, which apparently is prevalent in Philadelphia given that it hides in rat pee...ew!  He answered all of our questions and he made Harry feel like he was just visiting a friend. 

You're gonna stick that where?
The bad news...after Dr. Cohen checked out Harry's "specimen" (yea we had to bring in a bag of poo) we got a call that Harry has some intestinal worms!  He's got a bunch of them apparently and I picked up some de-wormers the next day that he'll be taking all the way into September.  We're kicking ourselves for not getting on Pet Plan sooner, but we're happy it's nothing serious. 

We'll be taking Harry back to follow up on his vaccine and his de-worming.  I'm sure he'll be very excited to see Dr. Cohen again!

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