Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DIY Tutorial: Easy Treat Platter

Even though I am a pinterest fiend, I had yet to attempt the creation of a cake platter, serving tray, or in this case "treat platter" that floods pin boards.  This project was beyond easy.  After a pit stop at Jinxed in The Piazza at Schmidt's on food truck night, I picked up this sweet plate for only $2.  Jinxed is a flea market condensed into a small store, that's open every day.  It's tricky to navigate, but when you've got a craving to ravage through old stuff, Jinxed is your fix.  I had no idea what I was going to do with my new plate treasure, but I liked that it was my favorite color (green) and had a bunch of Philadelphia landmarks on it. 

Then, on a whim while picking up a last minute X-mas gift at Ikea I picked up this candlestick holder shown bottom right.  What's the purpose of candlestick holders if you're not using them in arts and crafts?  Does anybody honestly set out long stem candles in fancy candlesticks at dinner?  Obviously I don't, so I used my two assets to make one fancy platter.  
For this project, I used my two purchases described above and leftover caulk from my backsplash project last summer.  Since the caulk was good for adhering to ceramic, I thought it would work nicely on my plate.  However, you could probably substitute any strong adhesive for your platter. 

Carefully trace the top of your candlestick holder with your adhesive.  Be generous, but not overly so, as it will squeeze out the sides once it's stuck onto the plate.

Flip your plate upside down and find its center.  Then adhere the candlestick holder to the plate and press.  Wipe any excess adhesive with your fingers or a cloth.
After 24 hours of drying time, your platter is complete! 

Harry was very patient with me in taking pictures of his savory delicious wonderful treats on the platter while he sat in the background.  But he couldn't contain himself for long...

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