Friday, January 18, 2013

Doggy-Deals:'s Pet Thursdays

Did you know that 81% of pet owners consider their fur-babies members of the family?  And 58% call themselves Mommy & Daddy?  And that 77% buy their fur-babies birthday gifts?  Well according to a Kelton research study posted in USA Today I am guilty on all accounts.  When my co-workers talk about their human babies getting sick, I relate by telling them about Harry's latest crazy colored poo.  Maybe I'm a whack-a-doo, but I see no harm in treating my Harry dog like a child.  I'm not pushing him around in a stroller like the lady down the block does with her pint size Shitzu, but I am being a good Mom. 

That said, I find it extremely hard to not buy every single thing that comes in my inbox on's "Pet Thursdays".  I guess it's because I'm just such a good Mom, heh.  Often times I use their advertisements as inspiration to make something similar for Harry, but there are some things that even I can't craft or come up with.  For example...
Yes, there is wine for dogs.  I've seen beer for dogs, and ice cream for dogs, but this is the first wine I've come across.  Direct from Yappy Hour Vineyards, (doesn't that make you giggle?) Char-dog-nay is an alcoholic free wine that you pour over your pooch's dry food for a fancy treat.  Other varieties include Grrrrr-lot, Pinot Tailio, and Bark-deaux.  The ingredients aren't real wine based - because as all dog owners should know grapes are fatal to pups.  Instead they're composed of chicken bouillon, garlic powder, and water.  I really just want a bottle of this to display in my wine rack and get laughs.  I'm already picturing my waitress-days' wine presentation to Harry over his bowl.
Every harness, leash, and leader I come across claims to be "pull-free".  I doubt such a miraculous tool really exists, but the Bungee Puppy Leash above claims to relieve you from dislocated shoulders by adding an elasticity between you and beast that still makes him feel tugged back while providing shock absorption for your non-elastic arms.  The leashes come in sizes small, medium, and large based on your dog's weight.  The heavier your dog, the more bungee strength necessary.  As an alternative to choke collars and those freedom leashes that let your dog zoom off with the click of a button, I think this might do the trick with Harry.  Alas, I bought that abdominal electric shocking tool when it came out, so perhaps I can be sold on any idea.
Extemely cute, but not terribly affordable, The Life of Ryley offers fashionable accessories for both humans and their dogs.  I'm a sucker for their cross stitch variety, but the Rugby Collar above on sale at for $26 hurts the wallet a little less than the original prices of $34 on their website.  Because I like to change Harry's collars out seasonally, I doubt I'll end up investing much into Ryley's wardrobe, but I'm loving the preppy style.  The above gives you a little bang for your buck considering it's enhanced with leather.  And now I kind of really want it...

Harry shredded one of our IKEA pillows a few weeks ago, spreading feathers and what I'm assuming he thought was magical joy all over our living room.  It was shocking considering how much Harry loves fluffy things.  His couch position usually is on top of two to three pillows, snuggled up into a comforter.  And when we travel, Harry is best in the car when laying on a pile of folded towels.  The above dog pillow retails to dog-lovers and dogs alike, and it actually matches our living room quite nicely.  The retailer, BumperPet, sells handmade accessories for fur and non-fur friends out of their online store, but is featured on on sale.  This pillow goes for $27, normally $32.  Not a crazy discount but it's something.  BumperPet also makes custom pillows by breed.  Sadly, Harry only fits into the "DOG" category since he's a muttly mutt.

FYI, I'm posting all these awesome pet products because I like them, not because I'm getting paid to...although that would be a SWEET bonus.  If you know anybody who wants to give me money for blogging about their dog products, send me a line.  In the meantime, Harry and I will lust after the aforementioned.  Have a great weekend!

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