Thursday, January 3, 2013

Who Am I?

Harry looked at me the other day and said "Mom, who am I?"  I said back "I don't know".  "I guess I have a lot to ponder" Harry digressed.  Being an adoptee must be hard, not knowing your parents and having zero family history.  And in Harry's case being separated from your brother and sister.  I actually can't talk about it out loud without getting verklempt.  But after bumping into a stranger while running with Harry I discovered a peek into Harry's true identity, the possibility of him being part of a Southern species not prevalent in the Northeast.

Harry is maxing out at around 40 pounds, but he's maintained his fuzzy beard and his chestnut brindle stripes.  He's too small to be a pit bull and he doesn't have the muzzle of a boxer, which are two breeds that are commonly brindle.  Our stranger enlightened us to a breed we've never heard of, the Plott Hound.

Per Wikipedia, Johannes Plott emigrated from Germany to the United States in 1750.  He brought a few wild boar hounds with him, now known as Plott Hounds.  They had been bred for generations for their stamina and gameness.  Johannes Plott and his family settled in the mountains of western North Carolina, which is where Harry was adopted from!

Harry shares some of the traits of the breed in personality: being fast, having endless endurance, and he does the same kind of "talking" that Plotts do.  However, he very much seeks the attention of every single thing around him, while Plotts generally ignore other dogs.  There also isn't any mention of Plott Hounds being snuggle monsters, but this might be a case of nurture over nature for Harry.

It was exciting to get a glimpse into a breed that Harry very much resembles.  As far as family history goes, maybe Harry doesn't know anything about where he came from or who his brothers and sisters are.  What he does know is that I'm his Mom and the boo is his Dad and life is much better compared to being an abandoned pup in a shelter.  With that I left Harry with the words of Zoolander's Hansel, "The results are in amigo...what's left to ponder?"

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