Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Day at the Dog Park: Schuylkill Banks

Schuylkill Banks dog park was the very first park we took Harry to - you may remember him being run over by bassett hound mix, Dudley.  Though it was the most convenient of dog parks in Philadelphia as far as distance goes, we'd often end up having to bathe Harry afterwards and soak his harness overnight to get rid of the caked on dirt and dust that accumulated during his romps.  Then suddenly, the dog park disappeared and a new one popped up in what seemed like a month later! 
There's Mom & Dad!

 The newly re-habbed dog park is uber-chic with turf aka K9 Grass instead of dirt, meaning Harry doesn't have to be banned from the couch after a day of play.  A wall of concrete borders the turf where mommies and daddies can sit and watch their kids play.  Beware, because dogs with super jumping powers do and will jump up on the wall and get into the garden area behind.  Please accept my apologies if Harry was the said super powered dog.  

Getting to knowww you, getting to know all about you
Our particular visit occurred the day of the unveiling of the Schuykill Banks/University City bridge.  Crowds gathered to watch the Philadelphia Parks Commission open the bridge, beginning a 5k, and a festival.  The park housed a plethora of pups both big and small, quick and slow.  Harry got the park all riled up when he showed off his speed, unnerving parents and dogs alike.  We're still working on dog park manners, but how can you resist this handsome guy? 

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