Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Day at the Dog Park: Seger Park

Several weeks ago, the boo and I brought Harry to another dog park, Seger Park located on 10th & Lombard right behind South Street.  This park is much more well kept than our closer dog park on Schuylkill Banks and has a plethora of mulch rather than the dust that accumulates under Harry's harness when we go to Schuylkill Banks.  We parked in the Whole Foods parking garage and walked Harry down the stairs and for a tiny bit through Whole Foods to get out the front door. 

There is a dividing fence to separate small dogs from big dogs but it's much smaller than the one at Schuylkill Banks.  When we visited there were baby husky puppies wandering in cute.  As soon as we let Harry off the leash he mingled with everybody there, humans and dogs, and proceeded to sprint until every dog in the park noticed him and chased him.

Water at this park is provided via this nifty red water fountain that you fill by pressing with your foot.  Harry stopped for some drinks with his curly haired girlfriend in between bursts of energy.  There is a wall that stands against the fence of the dog park about 5 1/2 feet tall that will descend down via steps along the wall so the dogs can hop up there to relax.  Harry scaled it from ground level.  We were seriously impressed. 

I was happy to find that the owners here were chill, welcoming, and responsive to their animals.  There were some humping sessions that continually got broken up and we held down Harry a few times to force him to give the other dogs a chance to catch their breath.  Above Harry gets tickled while his new friends laugh.  

Our visit was a success, and it was nice that Harry wasn't a dust ball when he left here.  Only his paws showed evidence of wild sprinting and a few dog loogeys graced his forehead from close interactions.  He was pooped afterwards and spent the rest of the afternoon snoozing.  Harry LOVED Seger Park, and can't wait til we go back.
Thanks Mom!  Can we go back?!

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