Monday, October 29, 2012

Harry's First Hurricane

Philadelphia is currently in a state of emergency due to the incoming Hurricane Sandy, which means that I get to work from home and Harry gets crate freedom for two whole days.  The boo and I have done absolutely nothing to prepare for this storm...except for take the plants off the deck and tie down the grill.  As far as stocking up on bread and milk...I made chicken wings and chocolate chip cookies, so if need be we'll sustain ourselves on that.  Harry, however, just has been restocked on bones and treats, so if we are stranded maybe he'll share some of his Scooby Snacks with us.
The best part of the hurricane, besides getting to stay home, is Harry's raincoat.  I bought this from back when Harry was tiny, and it finally fits him!  Harry's raincoat is made by Waghearted and is a size XL - their stuff is more for tiny dogs.  It fastens under his belly by velcro and has a mesh lining.  Harry sniffs the ground a lot when we walk which causes his hood to droop over his face.  And then he can't see where he's walking and he bumps into stuff, which is really funny and cute but obviously I pull him out of harm's way. 

Harry is not a fan of going potty outside when it's raining out, but hopefully his rain jacket will make it Hurricane Sandy a more comfortable storm!  Don't worry Harry we'll be ok!

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