Friday, October 26, 2012

DIY: Dog Food Storage

I'm a big fan of the website that features boutique sales by artists and hand-crafters...something I aspire to be one day.  I recently saw a Helvetica boutique that sold dog food and cat food storage along with bowls and treat jars.  Although the boutique does not exist anymore, you can find their products on Amazon.  I saw the container and thought, good idea!  And I didn't want to pay big bucks just to store Harry's food so I went about making one myself.

I picked up a generic "homer bucket" and lid at Home Depot for super cheap and used the enamel paint that I used in this project to paint the words DOG and FOOD on my bucket.  I liked the way I had written Harry's name on his bowl so I decided to use the same font for my bucket. 

By strategically holding the handle upwards, I was able to paint my words with a generic paint brush all the way across.  It's not rocket science. 

It's not perfect, but it makes storing Harry's food cuter, more compact, and easier to carry than dragging the bag around (picture helpless infomercial woman spilling bags of dog food all over the floor, dropping to knees and crying).  Once it was dry, I poured Harry's bag of Blue Buffalo into the bucket. 

Now when Harry sees the bucket he knows exactly what's about to go down.  Sprinting up and down the stairs (cause he's not sure if he's being fed in his crate or not) ensues and the boo and I can pretty much get him to do whatever we want so long as we bait him with "dinner".

Unrelated, but look at this creepy sticker on the bucket.  What child walks into a bucket like that?  This goes along with my question of what child actually enjoys playing with plastic bags and thinks they are toys?  Harry must be smarter than the average human because he has yet to topple face first into his bucket of dog food...but I bet he does in his dreams.

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