Monday, October 15, 2012

Doggy Dining: RyBread

On a glorious fall afternoon after a grueling 20 mile Philadelphia Marathon training run, the boo and I took Harry with us to one of our favorite places to eat on Fairmount Ave, RyBread.  Harry has joined us on many occasion and on most of our walks he has benefited from their public dog water-bowl that sits outside the store all day.  A note of caution to those of you excited to bring your dog to RyBread:  there is a large amount of dog traffic.  Although RyBread is super accommodating with their jar of treats and water bowl, if you have a runt that loves to greet every single human, dog, squirrel, and pigeon with the exuberance and enthusiasm of me meeting Britney Spears, then beware that you may end up with spilled coffee caused by the jolting leash that unexpectedly pulls out of no-where due to said human, dog, squirrel, pigeon, and pop-star.

On this occasion, Harry spent the majority of our time checking out Astro, a Hungarian Vizla with an enthusiastic owner.  Apparently Astro has eaten a Christmas tree + ornaments, crayons, and his owner's salmon dinner.  Hopefully they weren't sharing trade secrets.  The boo and I both had Tucson sandwiches, mine with the added bacon and avocado.  Tucson hit the gaping spot in my belly that 20 miles had carved out.  Chock full of turkey and swiss, the avo and bacon add texture and variety to the sandwich.  If you're in a hurry and really want a sandwich from Ry, you're able to call ahead and order your sandwich for pick up.  This is a key advantage that the boo and I have yet to implement.  The lines can get long and you end up waiting a little bit for your sandwich. 

You'll notice that Harry is looking exceptionally preppy and stylish as he decided to display his new fall wardrobe.  On the last half mile of my run I stopped at Fairmount Pets sidewalk sale and picked up Harry's navy blue sweater for $7.  Harry looks like he just read an arsenal of leather bound books.  Afterwards, I snuggled with my genius while icing my tired legs.  When Harry clasped my arm and nuzzled me, my heart started exploding rainbows.

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